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Health care remains complicated and unaffordable for those residing in Pierce County.

Our mission is to improve the health of individuals, families, and communities by ensuring pathways to health services for Pierce County residents in need.

We do this by connecting patients with healthcare through our Donated Care program. We also assist with premium payments with our Premium Assistance Program. 

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No One Achieves Anything Alone

Our goal is to ensure that qualified individuals have access to the essential healthcare they need.

We appreciate you!

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We believe in the power of proactive healthcare initiatives

The impact of donated care is remarkable, reducing emergency room visits by an impressive 30%. This statistic underscores the significance of preventative care and early intervention. By offering essential medical services to those in need, we not only alleviate suffering but also ease the burden on emergency healthcare facilities.

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Hear It From Our Patients!

"Testimonials from Our Community" reflect the heartfelt gratitude within our organization.

Through the stories of our donors and patients, we witness the care and compassion that knit together a fabric of resilience and hope. Driven by empathy and generosity, our donating providers extend lifelines, shaping our community with compassion. Meanwhile, program participants find solace and support, sharing their experiences with us during transitional phases. Together, these testimonials form a chorus of gratitude, reminding us of the profound impact of kindness.

Let us draw strength from these voices as we continue our journey of support and empowerment together.

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