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Exciting news! Pierce County Project Access has been nominated. Remember, you can cast your vote until July 8th.

Updated: Jun 18

Get ready to ignite your passion for community spirit because the Tacoma News Tribune is back with the electrifying 2024 Best of Pierce County contest! 🎉

This recognition is more than just an honor; it's a testament to our organization's incredible work to impact Pierce County positively. Our partners, donors, and volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization, making us infallible and truly admirable.

This isn't just any competition; it's a vibrant celebration of all the places, restaurants, and local gems that make Pierce County shine. And guess what? Our nonprofit organization has snagged a coveted nomination!
Here's where the real magic happens – we need YOU to join the excitement and cast your vote for our incredible nonprofit! Let's light up the ballot together and show Pierce County what our organization is made of. With your support, we'll turn our nomination into a well-deserved victory and paint the town with the colors of community pride. Let's make history in the 2024 Best of Pierce County – are you in?"

All nominations and voting take place at

Why Vote?   By voting, you are helping us gain recognition for our hard work and making us more visible to the community. Together, we can showcase our strength and unity as a team.   Spread the Word!   Feel free to share this link with your family and friends. Their votes count too and can help amplify our impact.

How to Vote: Follow the instructions below.

  1. Please click the link to be directed to the voting page. Select the "Services" category.

  2. Select Nonprofit organization.

  3. Please ensure you find "Pierce County Project Access" in the list of nominated services.

  4. After finding PCPA, review and cast your ballot. You may vote once per day until July 8th, 2024.


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