Patient Stories

James' Story

James' Story

December 7, 2021

"Due to an industrial injury, I was unable to retain my employer sponsored health insurance. I was having some serious hypertension issues, that required several office visits and considerable lab work, as well as other ongoing medical issues. I looked into state sponsored health insurance but found it unaffordable. I was paying for all my medical expenses and prescription medication out of pocket. At times the cost would make it so I had to skip treatments that I couldn't afford.

A friend saw a reference to Project Access and gave me their phone number. I figured it wouldn't hurt to call, even though every other resource was too expensive, or I didn't qualify.

 I was screened over the telephone, the staff was very compassionate, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful.  I was determined to meet their guidelines I was walked through the options I was eligible for.  I was able to pick a health insurance that met my needs.

I was on the program for 18 months until I was eligible for other healthcare. I can honestly say that Project Access probably saved my life.

 To those who donate money, and to the doctors who donate care, I can tell you, that this program is carefully administered and is truly reaching those in need.  I will always be grateful for the hand up I received from Project Access."

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